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IQforU - Improved dining experience IQforU is the ideal solution for any restaurateur. We understand that you want your guests to have the most pleasant dining experience and nothing stands in the way of that more than having to wait around for a table.

Listening to other gripe about their day or standing around in line with someone who is coughing can have a big impact on a guest's experience. With IQforU your guests can be out doing what they like and walk in your door when you are ready to serve them. 

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IQforU - queue problem solver IQforU is the online approach to wait and reservation management, combining a virtual queuing system with guest paging for practically any type of business whose guests might wait in line. Our service is a perfect fit for small, single location businesses to large national chains.

IQforU service model is “pay for use” based solely on your usage in a calendar month. We have no long term contracts or hidden fees, registration is easy. You have complete control over your wait line and guest paging budget.

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IQforU - Full featured guest paging service IQforU offers a feature rich - platform independent guest paging service.

While most companies will have you choose between Text, Voice or Text to Voice guest paging, IQforU gives you all those features at the same low price. Now with one system you can communicate with your guests regardless of their phone limitation  




Restaurants are a perfect industry where Iqforu is indispensible. Everyone knows that reservations does not always give excellent results. And you visitors come and see the restaurant overcrowded.

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When a person goes to the pharmacy, he or she intends to buy but not to nickel and dime. This happens because not only his health but also his life depend on the medicine he buys.

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Theme Parks

Why are all these people still standing in a line to get somewhere in this park instead of just leaving their phone number to the hostess and have a nice lunch while waitint?

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IQforU offers paging systems of future. A real queue problems solver - fast and effective!

Do you still think that it is good when there are queues of people eager to spend time at your restaurant or improve their health in your medical institution? Listening to other gripe about their day or faltering around in line with someone who is coughing can have a big impact on a guest's experience. Though, some hospitals use paging systems with heavy pagers that are hard to use. Nobody loves to stand and wait for his turn to come. Nobody wants to spend time in vain, and be nervous and distressed because of such waiting. A visitor who has once stood in a long, annoying queue will likely not return to you again but return to the place where he got a paging system to use his time freely instead of waiting in line.

Live queues are not a sign of popularity of your service, but rather a sign of poor, out-of-date client management. Today, when hi-tech solutions have invaded all spheres of life, like paging systems, you should offer your clients a better variant of time-spending than standing in a live queue! If you constantly listen to your customers’ needs, you can think of new ways to satisfy their requirements. Not only can we supply you with the top quality, most robust product on the market. We can also offer you an up-to-date product no other company can.

Advantages Of Wireless Paging System

Let’s just think what a technological solution for queue management should be like to suit well for your service:

  • Thrifty
  • Troubleproof
  • Not too complicated
  • Client-friendly
  • Modern

Well, it sounds rather picky, doesn’t it? Yet, there is a solution - a wireless paging system, known as IQforU. If we were to consider the main advantages of IQforU, we can proudly state that namely this paging system wonderfully meets all the above mentioned requirements. Indeed, IQforU is:

  • Cost-effective

Lots of business owners wonder if the solutions they intend to try are going to be money-making. Because it reduces your employees’ workload, the IQforU paging system spares you the need to take extra expenses. What’s more, by reducing overall customer wait time, it allows you to serve a greater number of clients in the same time span.

  • Reliable

In order that a paging system brings profit, it has to run perfectly. Such is the case of IQforU. Since it is a wireless paging system, there is nothing that can go wrong. So you don’t need to worry about maintenance, at least, as long as you are using IQforU paging system.

  • Client-friendly

The interface is designed in such a way that it can be used from a cell phone. Neither you nor your clients need to go through complex lists or grids. Everything is extremely simple. The easier, the better – this is one of our principles.

  • Customizable

Whereas other systems oblige you to fit the way their software runs, or imply expensive customization efforts, our paging system was designed to function in various types of applications. By way of simple configuration, IQforU can work to comply with your needs.

  • Modern

Everyone likes looking trendy, and your customers are not an exception. They can opt for your services and still feel comfortable because they won’t need to carry huge devices with them. The time of sizeable pagers is gone. The progressive technology is now on stage. All your clients will need are their cell phones.

Iqforu Paging System – How It Works

IQforU paging system offers a moderate-cost, unique, cutting-edge technology of creating virtual queues based on messages to clients’ mobile phones. This is quite a new patented technology that works with highest preciseness and friendliness to the clients. The only thing they have to do is give a jingle at the hostess, leaving their cell phone number. With IQforU paging system, after doing this simple, one-minute procedure, your clients can be out doing what they like and walk in your door when you are ready to serve them.

Our wireless paging system can be used for a great variety of applications. These can be, for instance, a restaurant, an entertainment park, a pharmacy or medical institution. All institutions of the kind will be able to provide their clients with a new, improved experience, and enhanced quality of service. If your service involves queuing, considering sign-up to IQforU paging system will be a good decision.

If you are already caught by the idea of acquiring a professional paging system, you can read additional information in the How it Works and Services pages. This will allow you to get a more profound understanding of IQforU wireless paging system technology, of how reliable and cost-effective such solutions can be.

Try it at least once, and you won’t regret it. IQforU paging system is a source of helpful and beneficial innovations for your business!