About IQforyou - virtual queue management with new paging system!

Customers feel your care and attention

IQforu makes technological changes in conventional customer service in order to improve and simplify it. A reliable queuing system is likely to be more efficient than an operator in flesh, with a notepad and pen in his hand.

Introduction of technological innovation practically reduces possibility of failure as an impact of human factor is minimized. Due to IQforu, business owners can be sure that each shopper feels care and attention while waiting for his turn.

On the other hand your customer can take advantage of his time by making more purchases thus bringing you increased revenue.

Perfect customer service that brings to your business boom

Believe it or not, customers keep in mind the level of given service. If they come across problems while booking a table at your restaurant, the next time they can prefer your competitor’s service.

Sometimes a long line can tell about popularity of your restaurant, casino, club, car repair etc. But when current client faces the problem of queuing, his or her opinion about your service may turn to be totally negative.

Since you use IQforu, your prospective clients won’t feel uncomfortable while waiting. Even more, if you can entertain your customers as long as they would queue, you’ll offer them plenty of positive feelings.

And, of course, your satisfied client will tell about your service to his friends, who will definitely take advantage of spending less time queuing. Moreover, the presence of an organized queue will increase handling capacity that will obviously lead to your business boom.

Highly profitable investments into your business

With IQforu system, your customers’ preferences and desires are not secret for you any longer.

Once you get the clue to their minds and hearts, you can duly inform them about products, services and offers making it a point of their interest. IQforu supports a vast database for storing all your customers’ requests as well as feedbacks to soft-adverts.

If you thoroughly analyze the results, you can work out strategy which will help you to improve product or service marketing. IQforu not only allows you to provide clients with whatever he/she needs but also helps to build up your business.

Less bother, more satisfaction

We need hardly mention that, there is a huge staff working for your establishment. What to do if sometimes work volumes seem to overload it?

There is an efficient solution - IQforu system. Prior to introduction of IQforu, employees had to manage several operations. Now, using IQforu system, the personnel is 100% busy with its direct duties.

With IQforu, a waiter knows exactly where to settle the visitors. There are lots of such examples showing that your customers will be satisfied with the service and your business will be on the upswing.

Easy-to-understand interface

IQforu system has a lot of advantages. On the one hand, there is a possibility to use qualitative and timely customer service.

On the other, it helps to create comfortable working conditions for your employees. But still there is a necessity for your customer to send an SMS, so a friendly and easy-to-understand interface is indispensable.

IQforu system has an interface, being completely understandable even for the youngest client. Both a business owner and a customer can take advantage of it.

The easier is to send an SMS, the greater sales amount can be reached.

Adaptable to your needs

As a queue managing system is designed to measure up your needs, IQforu is highly flexible and universal. IQforu makes it possible to identify customers’ special needs such as wheelchair access or both written and spoken languages.

The system supports customization of every text message and voice prompt that your customers see and hear.

Moreover, kiosks provide the possibility to define custom fields and screens for customer data capture.

Additionally, you can use a Flash widget embedded in your existing web site to let customers check the current wait time, and enter your virtual lines.

Besides, you can apply several secure web services which you can use along with your applications. As long as your imagination runs, you gain financial profit.

Shopping instead of queuing

It’s not a secret that all businesses are based on selling products or services. In fact, increased sales determine financial growth as well as business boom.

That is why using a queuing management system is essential for businesses dealing with service and products sales. IQforu helps to run consumer traffic as well as to save clients’ time.

Hence, the customer doesn’t wait in line but has the opportunity to buy more products or make use of other services. If the business owner makes 100% use of IQforu system, his product or service sales will keep on growing.

Waiting less, buying more

IQforu is very popular in the sphere of trading because of the specific advantages for a business owner. For example, mobile notification makes a customer more conscientious, thus decreasing the rate of no-shows. Then, IQforu system can effectively reduce your customers’ actual waiting period as well as time being perceived. Less time for waiting, less negative emotions and better mood for customer is guaranteed. This is a positive aspect, as the customer, having high spirits is eager for doing unplanned shopping. Hence, this increases your sales.

Getting everything just in time

IQforu system is a relatively new technology. But if we take a look at the past, a customer couldn’t have dinner at a prestigious restaurant as all the tables had been booked beforehand. However, almost half of the tables stayed vacant consequent on no-shows or turnaways. It’s a very good example of unwise queue management. But things are different if you take a look at IQforu system. Mobile Queuing offers the opportunity to book a table at the restaurant as well as to wait for any product or service. With IQforu, customers get what they want just in time, while you can expect for higher profits.

Customer care brings higher revenues

IQforu system is effective for various business areas. IQforu not only reduces waiting time but also has a positive influence upon your customers’ health. So how it works? It’s very simple.

Risk of contagion is high, especially when customers are made to wait in very close proximity for a long period of time. But that is not so, if you use IQforu. This queue managing system helps to reduce or even eliminate the risks of contagion among your customers who constitute your direct source of income. Besides, customer care grants you good reputation.

Fewer crowds, happier customers

As the research has shown, amount of free space for comfortable waiting impacts your customer’s mood. Suchwise, limited waiting areas can become a negative experience for the customer. Even more, if these places are too stuffed, most of the customers won’t stand it. IQforu is a highly efficient solution to overcrowded places, letting your customers wait wherever they like to. When you are ready to serve them, just let them know by a phone call or an SMS. As soon as they enter your office, you’ll see them satisfied. Eventually, more happy customers means more profit for your business.

With IQforu, you need nothing else to install

IQforu is a completely web-based queue managing system. So, you can use it, if you have a web browser. You don’t need to buy or maintain servers. Besides, the only thing you will need is a mobile phone. In case you don’t have one, you can use either your notebook or our kiosks. Besides, no IT staff is required to perform installs and upgrades, as well as no license or upgrade fees is collected. Being connected to Internet, IQforu is available to anyone who may need it, disregarding the location.