Waiting is Irritating – playing is fun

A regular casino player spends about $40 an hour, but some of players can spend more than 20 000$ an hour or even more.

How much time does it take your guests queuing at the poker room, and other places in the casino?

However long it may take, waiting is always irritating. What we do is get your clients out of line and into your casino. The idea is that you have your customers spending instead of standing. Waiting for the poker table they should not stand or check the whole casino for a free place – but just ping a hostess.

Make your visitors wait or let them play and spend depends on you

IQforu offers your visitors a more rewarding experience, which is certain to make your business more competitive. Just think for youirself, what’s better to do when you are in a casino: stand and wait in a line or play, play, and play again? For a casino player the second option sounds better.

Now, as a gambling operator, you decide for yourself:

- what do you want your clients to do?

- do you want them to stay in a line getting rattled until the poker table is free?

- maybe you want your customers to play all the time, be it at the slot machines or the pocker table?

The final decision is up to you as you are the business owner. Just allow for the second option that will surely be the source of your profit. Your well-being is possible on condition that you get IQforu, and use it 100%.