Hospital paging withg IQforU is simple as 1-2-3

When you're occupied, your waiting room gets overcrowded. Making your patients wait within very close reach from each other can put them at risk of contagion. As soon as pandemics start spreading, businesses can undergo a considerable diminution, simply because clients don't want to take risks. Some doctors' offices would try to spend enormous sums of money, trying to isolate patients into groups, create provisional entrances, make masks available, and other.

Getting a virtual waiting area

But why do all these? There's a more effective way. IQforu helps you create a virtual waiting area, and allows your clients wait wherever it is convenient for them. Having their spot held in line by means of their cell phone, patients can arrive on time, and reduce or even avoid the contagion risk. The user's spot is held in line, letting the client know when he gets to the front. Meanwhile the user is free to move wherever he wants and take maximal advantage of his time.

Moving to dynamic scheduling is rapid and inexpensive

Nowadays, appointments are programmed according to the duration of average appointments. If a consultation lasts shorter than previously expected, there’s no way to ask the next patient to come earlier. IQforu implies SMS and voice announcements, making each appointment exactly as long as it lasts in fact. In addition, IQforu SMS and voice notifications diminish delay as well as no-shows, eliminating schedule gaps. Due to dynamic scheduling, patient access to doctors is improved by reducing wait times. IQforu is thus a revolutionary means which allows health organizations to conform fast and inexpensively by use of dynamic scheduling.