Additional revenue from clients shopping instead of queuing

When a person goes to the pharmacy he or she intends to buy but not to nickel and dime. This happens because not only his health but also his life depend on the medicine he buys. How long do you think a client waits to get a prescription drop-off, then pick-up, next check-out?

It has been estimated that the average client spends about $1 each minute while shopping. Now make a calculation: if your pharmacy serves 400 customers per day, and the average client spends not less than 10 minutes waiting in line, that's more than one billion dollar per year in additional revenue that could be realized, on condition that clients continued to shop instead of queuing.

Excellent consumer experience

As the only way to judge about services is experiencing them, IQforu gives your costumers a more satisfying experience, which provides you tremendous advantage in your business struggle. IQforu reduces your costumers' apparent wait time, even if their actual wait period doesn't undergo any change.

You as a pharmacy owner have invested a lot of time an effort to fill out and decorate the showcases. But this won’t bring the needed effect, if the prospective client stands in a line waiting for his medication. Instead of queuing he could spend his time buying items other than medication (toothbrushes, bubble gums, condoms etc.) As a result of queuing, both sides have to suffer: as the unsatisfied shopper who couldn’t buy himself a product besides drugs, as well as the unhappy owner who couldn’t sell the specified item.

Only by using IQforu, the pharmacy owner can sell a secondary product along with the main. Moreover, being extremely satisfied with the service, clients will surely return next time when they needs something. In such a way, casual customers become return customers, and this will make a perfect base for the wellness and prosperity of the pharmacy owner.