Studying instead of waiting in line – IQforU for colleges and libraries

It’s not a secret that an ordinary student spends very much time in a library. Yet the most part of this time isn’t spent on reading and learning but on waiting. The more time he or she spends queuing for books or vacant places, the less time is left for studies. Thus chances are that he or she will fail the exams or get less satisfying results. In the whole, a student who spends his/her time waiting for books in the library spends less time for studying. Such an outcome is totally unacceptable. This is why the administration of colleges and universities should ensure the implementation of IQforu.

More than this, IQforu makes it available for students to go to the canteen instead of staying in line. It’s crucial for a student to have lunch because he needs to compensate for the calories burned in the studying process. Only having compensated for the spent energy the student will be able to be more active and assimilate a bigger amount of useful information.

Easy to use, fast and reliable - just pay and use immedeately

IQforu is extremely easy to use and affordable for everyone. In order to use it, a mobile phone is needed. But what to do if you temporarily don’t have the cell phone with you? The solution is simple: you can use the IQforu kiosks. There you can send and receive messages just the same as you would on your phone.

As a result, everyone has to gain. Students don’t lose time on queuing for books or vacant places. Instead they study for the sake of their future career. At the same time, on the account of college or university administration a large amount of capital is accumulated, which can be spent on the needs of the institution. All these positive outcomes are possible on condition that you necessarily use Iqforu.