What do you think, how long do your customers queue before checking out?

Surveys have demonstrated that the average shopper spends about $1/minute as long as he or she is in a market. Just make an effort to calculate the total number of customers per day that come to your shop, as well as their waiting time. IQforu brings you a pretty sum of annual additional revenue that could be realized if you have your customers continue to shop instead of queuing.

Above that, surveys have proved that ¼ of consumers don’t wait for checking out. They simply walk out of the store when having to stand in a long queue. IQforu not only grants you that those customers are done with their purchase, but also keeps them shopping while they're waiting!

Great customer experience

Services are to be experienced before saying anything for or against them. IQforu gives your costumers a more agreeable experience, which is a sure way to get advantage in your business competition. IQforu reduces your costumers' apparent wait time, though in reality their wait period stays the same.

Improved data collection vs. shop owner’s prosperity

The customer data collection that IQforu provides represents a great variety of information. Such data grants an opportune running of your business, which never before has been possible. Because IQforu tracks your customers by their phone numbers, you are able to receive sufficient statistics on repeat customers who come to your store.

By using IQforu, the shop owner can be sure he will sell a secondary product along with the main. Consequently, the customer will be very happy with the service and will definitely come back next time when he needs something. Returning clients grant the shop owner’s wellness and prosperity.