Theme park - people spend more time queuing than having fun

Why are all these people still standing in a line to get somewhere in this park instead of just leaving their phone number to the hostess and have a nice lunch while waitint?

Extra income – people spend money instead of standing in a line

There is no greater entertainment than visiting a theme park with the whole family. IQforu brings you extra income by getting your visitors out of line, and letting them spend their money at your shops and restaurants instead of standing.

If your park isn't that big IQforu makes it possible for you to have lines of any length without any place being overcrowded. You can adjust the queue length by simply changing the advance notice in IQforu system.

Better visitor experience vs. increased profits

Imagine a couple of parents taking their children to your park with IQforyou installed as your queue management tool. Instead of spending the whole day queuing for attractions, they will simply use their cell phones to virtually get in line. And they will go to your restaurant instead of standing in a crowd bringing your more income.

IQforu offers your visitors a more rewarding experience, which is certain to make your business more competitive. Even though your guests are sitting on a bench instead of queuing, they can feel the freedom of enjoying your park at their own discretion. This is real satisfaction which brings you more profits!


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