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IQforU - Improved dining experience IQforU is the ideal solution for any restaurateur. We understand that you want your guests to have the most pleasant dining experience and nothing stands in the way of that more than having to wait around for a table.

Listening to other gripe about their day or standing around in line with someone who is coughing can have a big impact on a guest's experience. With IQforU your guests can be out doing what they like and walk in your door when you are ready to serve them. 

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IQforU - queue problem solver IQforU is the online approach to wait and reservation management, combining a virtual queuing system with guest paging for practically any type of business whose guests might wait in line. Our service is a perfect fit for small, single location businesses to large national chains.

IQforU service model is “pay for use” based solely on your usage in a calendar month. We have no long term contracts or hidden fees, registration is easy. You have complete control over your wait line and guest paging budget.

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IQforU - Full featured guest paging service IQforU offers a feature rich - platform independent guest paging service.

While most companies will have you choose between Text, Voice or Text to Voice guest paging, IQforU gives you all those features at the same low price. Now with one system you can communicate with your guests regardless of their phone limitation  




Restaurants are a perfect industry where Iqforu is indispensible. Everyone knows that reservations does not always give excellent results. And you visitors come and see the restaurant overcrowded.

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When a person goes to the pharmacy, he or she intends to buy but not to nickel and dime. This happens because not only his health but also his life depend on the medicine he buys.

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Theme Parks

Why are all these people still standing in a line to get somewhere in this park instead of just leaving their phone number to the hostess and have a nice lunch while waitint?

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Restaurants are a perfect industry where IQforU restaurant paging system is indispensable. Everyone knows that reservation does not always give appropriate results. Well, it is rather an out-of-date procedure which often leads to misunderstandings and confusion. Moreover, often people do not have a possibility to get a reserve, because their decision to visit a restaurant is spontaneous.

But if your restaurant is popular, or if they choose to come at rush time, your visitors are likely to come and see the restaurant overcrowded. And there is a good chance that they do not want to wait in line. They’ll go and seek some other place where they might have dinner. A restaurant is a place where people can relax and have a good time together with their spouses, friends, lovers, partners, or whatever. Noone would like it if visiting a restaurant would be connected with stress and nerve-wracking situations. People wish that owners of restaurants showed care and respect to the customers, and created an indulging, pleasant atmosphere.

IQforU restaurant pager helps you to meet the highest expectations of your clients. It is a fully computerized, cutting-edge restaurant paging system which creates a virtual queue, eliminating all inconveniences of common queues. If a client sees that there are no spare tables at a restaurant of his choice, he gives his coordinates to the hostess (including mobile phone) and leaves off. The hostess enters his coordinates into IQforU restaurant paging system. Now, as soon as the previous client asked for a bill, the next gets noticed via SMS or phone call.

There are four main advantages of IQforU restaurant pager over traditional table-booking system.

Helps achieve better customer experience

IQforU restaurant paging system gives your consumers a more worthwhile experience, thus providing you great advantage in your business competition. Letting your customers wait for a table where they want and how they want, you reduce their apparent wait time, while in fact it doesn’t change. It gives your restaurant an image of “up-to-date”, “advanced” business.

Minimizes clients bother

With a traditional table-booking system, mess and confusions are rather frequent because of the “human factor”. This causes frustration and waste of time. With IQforU restaurant paging, it is very easy for clients to control their time, and all stress is eliminated.

Minimize hostess bother

The duties of hosts and hostesses include not only meeting guests and being polite to them, but also, keeping waiting lists. And we should admit that it is not an easy task for hosts and hostesses to file their waiting lists correctly and timely at rush hours. Often, there is little or no possibility to notice on time who comes in or out of the restaurant. IQforU restaurant paging system lets your customers ask for on-demand updates by calling or SMS. The next guest gets noticed via SMS or phone call as soon as the previous client asked for a bill. And it is all very simple to do for the restaurant’s staff: everything is computerized, and this work is done virtually in a couple of mouse clicks.

Increases your revenue

Reducing the number of turn-aways as well as no-shows, IQforu brings you increased revenue. Even more, it makes it possible to shift excess demand to off-peak hours. All these lead to a bigger number of customers and more tables filled.
We can predict that in a couple of years, restaurant paging systems will be widely spread. But nowadays, IQforU is a unique invention of our time that can result in a nonpareil effect on your business. If you want to make your restaurant a “business of the future”, IQforU is just right for you.