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IQforU - Improved dining experience IQforU is the ideal solution for any restaurateur. We understand that you want your guests to have the most pleasant dining experience and nothing stands in the way of that more than having to wait around for a table.

Listening to other gripe about their day or standing around in line with someone who is coughing can have a big impact on a guest's experience. With IQforU your guests can be out doing what they like and walk in your door when you are ready to serve them. 

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IQforU - queue problem solver IQforU is the online approach to wait and reservation management, combining a virtual queuing system with guest paging for practically any type of business whose guests might wait in line. Our service is a perfect fit for small, single location businesses to large national chains.

IQforU service model is “pay for use” based solely on your usage in a calendar month. We have no long term contracts or hidden fees, registration is easy. You have complete control over your wait line and guest paging budget.

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IQforU - Full featured guest paging service IQforU offers a feature rich - platform independent guest paging service.

While most companies will have you choose between Text, Voice or Text to Voice guest paging, IQforU gives you all those features at the same low price. Now with one system you can communicate with your guests regardless of their phone limitation  




Restaurants are a perfect industry where Iqforu is indispensible. Everyone knows that reservations does not always give excellent results. And you visitors come and see the restaurant overcrowded.

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When a person goes to the pharmacy, he or she intends to buy but not to nickel and dime. This happens because not only his health but also his life depend on the medicine he buys.

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Theme Parks

Why are all these people still standing in a line to get somewhere in this park instead of just leaving their phone number to the hostess and have a nice lunch while waitint?

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Solving the queue problem - fast and easy

All you gain out of this is clear profit. Here are the benefits in store for you:

Increase revenues. Let your customers buy more istead of standing in queue. An average shopper spends about $1/min while shopping at a mall, while he's waiting he spends nothing.

Maximize productivity. Dynamic scheduling displaces appointment-based scheduling to the advantage of appointments updated in real-time by use of real-time mobile connections.

Easy to use IQforu is a web hosted application, no special software or hardware is needed - just a laptop and Internet.

Gives real-time control. You can log in and control the line at the same time, and that's just the right thing for remote tracking and oversight.

Free space - a problem for every successfull business

Businesses have always sought ways to increase their customer base and improve service to their current clients. If you follow the idea, satisfied customers will keep coming back, and what’s more, they will bring friends with them. Yet there is a major obstacle that doesn’t let you gain more clients, and this obstacle is the queue.

An innovative solution - IQforYou

Research shows that the average person will spend 2 years of his or her lifetime queuing. Waiting in a line is a total waste of time. More than this, many prospectives get annoyed at having to queue, and just leave.

IQforu has been designed to offer efficient solutions for customer in various industries. By use of mobile phones, it excludes the need to stand in a definite place as long as waiting. Instead, the customer will visit your available attractions or sites, or buy more items in your shops. Eventually, the money gets into your pocket.

Genius lies in simplicity

The paging system has been replaced by mobile telephones but it has found an application in IQforu. The technology consists in an operator who manages the lines, sparing you the necessity to arrange things and queue.

This system is simple and therefore constantly running and trustworthy. System reliability helps you avoid unexpected situations that could entail financial charges.

As a result, your assets will remain intact, and, what’s more, you receive multiple ROI within the first months. If you choose IQforu, you’ll not just get rich. You will get rich easy and fast. With only 10 cents you gain a client who will spend his money buying your products or services instead of merely waiting.