How it works?

Do many often suffer from different things that can be much more well-thought by other people? It often happens when they want to go to a restaurant, for instance. When they come there, they may find out that the places have been all reserved.


So what can they do if they are set to visit your particular restaurant?

Will they abandon the idea to have a nice supper with their second half or try to find out some way out?


Well, sometimes our would-be clients are very exhausted after a working day to look for some other restaurants or making solutions of the situation. Do you want to help them introducing something quite new and interesting that will help them to find an empty place in your restaurant? Then you should certainly try our unique services that will provide you with all the necessary information.

A restaurant is a place where people can relax and have a good time together with their better half or friends or some other people, but they don’t even have time to wait till the place at your restaurant will be free, so there should be some useful and modern services to overcome this obstacle. Yes, there is! And your restaurant can only get more advantages while using them.

Have you ever heard of virtual queue or some other services that inform your clients of an unoccupied table in the restaurant they want to visit? It is a unique invention of our time that offers many opportunities for your restaurant and clients to save their time and efforts.

What is IQforU?

IQforU is an innovative and developing system providing you with queue management all over the world.

IQforU is the system created for the companies or other organizations whose guests have often to stay in a queue and wait. Small businesses can easily use it, as well as large chains of the city or country you live in. and you don’t need any special equipment or software. There are also no contracts that you must sign to use it. Everything is simple as you have just to pay for this service.

IQforU is a good way to develop customer service further enhancing guest experience, refocusing employee workload, reducing guest wait time, alleviating congestion, mitigating contagions while getting access to this powerful information analytic tool.

The registration for this service doesn’t require much of your time and efforts as it is very easy.

So if you really want your clients to be aware of the empty tables at your restaurant where they always have to wait for their turn, just sing in and enjoy a wide range of opportunities you may get with IQforU!

This queue management system will provide you with all the data you need concerning your restaurant.

Are you still hesitating and thinking it over?

Try it at least once and you won’t regret it as IQforU is very helpful and necessary for everyone. So don’t miss your chance to experience some new and innovative services for your business.